Ableton Vocal Presets with 50% Discount

Hi, I’m Alex. After seven years of creating electronic music, I realized how much time is spent searching for the perfect sound. I twisted knobs of compressors and equalizers for hours, looking for the perfect combination of settings.

One day, working on another track, I realized that I lost my vision of which sound I want to achieve…

This prompted me to search for a simple and universal solution that would help to reach high-quality sound in just a few clicks.

That’s why I created presets that I use on all my tracks. It helps to devote creativity, without focusing on technical details.

These presets are the quintessence of years of experience in the making of electronic music. And now I share them with you.

$29.00 $14.00

Vocal Mixing Chain for Ableton Live

$29.00 $14.00

Kick Mixing Chain for Ableton Live

$29.00 $14.00

Snare Mixing Chain for Ableton Live

$29.00 $14.00

Bass Mixing Chain for Ableton Live